Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is an Austin Super Group of sorts consisting of members of the groups Da C.O.D., Dred Skott and Southbound. Honestly, three of my favorite groups out in any capacity right now. The song below is entitled "A.P.D." and I posted the lyrics,

Anyway, I love to see young artists get up and say what's really on their mind. IT'S IMPORTANT! Peep the lyrics below. Who prints lyrics anymore? I think more people should-Matt Sonzala

The League Of Extraordinary G's- "A.P.D."

REGGIE COBY (Dred Skott)
How many shots will it take? How many straws on the camels back till that bitch break,
How many more niggas you gon shoot, and how many more times till it's you,
And how many more lies do we gotta listen to, till you muthafuckin cowards grow a spine and you finally tell the truth,
Justified homicide huh? i need to see some proof, or do our lives even make a difference to you?
Maan, they don't give a fuck about you and me, our struggle to succeed, what's happening in the community,
What ever happened to serve and protect, i deserve some respect but instead you rather shoot at me,
So im gon do to them, before they do to me, what the fuck would you do if you were me?
Now you tell me what's worse the dopeboy or the burgler,
The pimp the whore or the muthafuckin MURDERER.....

This morning i woke up and twitted-in, everybody goin nuts saying the laws struck again,
This time it was a youngsta, barely old enough to get gigarettes was took from us,
Said he fit the description of the disturbance they was summoned on,
Said he was strapped, when they searched him found a wallet and a cell phone,
That's fucked up it's too late cuz he gone, another family the APD tore down,
Now it's far past due what niggas should do, that could easily be you, so i declare war on the boys in blue,
(not the cuz) But the fuzz, 5-0 done fucked up, we ridin for ever family in Austin you took from,
Rest in peace to Daniel Rocha and Sphia King, Jesse Owens and Gonzo's brother we gon make a scene,
2000 deep in all black down 11th street, headed to the capital governer Perry got beef!

So this the policy, murder no apology? Ima stay strapped for a fact cuz you gotta be,
Shoot first then you got a chance like the lottery, pussy ass pigs ain't shit but a mockery,
League full of G's on top no apostrophe, rest in peace all the deseased your still a part of me,
And my niggas locked up for the century, revolution first when it's time come and mention me,
I was raised on Dead Prez and Bun-b, felon by design so you know where my gun be,
Comin at your boy sideways like a gumbi, APD that's the all puss division,
Cowards wit a badge waiting for a true colision, with some niggas that'll shoot at you for livin,
And i'm wrong for pimpin? A loaded 38 in size 38's that's true religion....

I say fuck 'em up against the wall, cuz they ain't never protected or served me once at all,
I know you feel me your rollin just minding business, they get right behind you trippin
and wishing that you gon fuck up and give them reasons to bust, give em reason to taze,
Ask em if crime pays, they know just like i know, the money go missin my prime suspect is 5-0
I seen it with my own eyes, i know i wasn't speeding cuz i ride slow,
If you from Austin then you should be mad, Williamson too, when will it be too much they just itching to shoot,
And when they do they get a vacation chillin imune, but catch me with a quarter-pound i'd be in prison by noon,
Them bithces shoot you in the back dawg that's a cowardly move, they got some friends on the hourly news,
I think it's time for retribution like we standin at church, tell us why the videotapes go missing like they're amber alerts,
RIP to all the fallen got your family first in my thoughts
We gon take it to em so they always remember your loss,
Fuck Art Acevedo, Will Wynn, and anybody else that's standing up for all these pussy cops, fuck 'em all.....

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